Hair Care Tips: These bad habits of yours spoil your hair, know about them...


Bad habits of hair care: Hair plays an important role in enhancing our beauty (hair care tips). Everyone wants his hair to always be shiny and wavy. There should be no shortage in the nutrition of their hair. Everyone takes care of their hair according to their way, but unknowingly they make some such mistakes (mistakes of hair care) due to which the hair starts getting damaged, so let's know about those wrong habits.


Which bad habits cause hair damage?
- After the hair wash, people wrap the towel tightly in their hair. Due to this, the hair starts breaking. Due to this the hair also becomes weak.

-To untangle the hair, people start combing very hard. Due to this, the hair starts breaking from the middle. That's why always untangle the hair comfortably.

-At the same time, keeping the hair too open also makes them bad. Hair gets damaged due to dust. become dry. Apart from this, smoking also spoils the hair. Due to this, the hair becomes split.


-Using too hot water to wash hair damages them. In such a situation, pay attention to this also. Wash hair with lukewarm water. So that the hair does not become dry and lifeless.

-Combing wet hair also makes them weak. This increases the problem of hair fall. It weakens the roots.