Hair Care Tips: Take care of hair in these ways before sleeping at night, you will avoid troubles


All women desire beautiful and long hair. But it is seen that due to not taking proper care of them, many problems related to hair start growing. Hair gets damaged due to pollution and lack of nutrients. Due to being busy in their daily routine, they are not able to take proper care of the hair and have to suffer loss. In such a situation, there is a need to take measures according to the hair before sleeping at night so that they can get nourishment. With the help of these methods, it will help in grooming the hair. So let's know about these tips...

Straight hair care night routine

  • If you have straight hair, the first step in its care is to moisturize your hair before sleeping. For this, slightly dampen your hair before sleeping at night. Apply a few drops of the Serum Massage to the middle length and ends of the hair.
  • Now, use a wide comb and comb through the entire hair. Keep in mind that by lightly combing the hair with a wide comb, it does not get tangled till the morning and thus you can style your hair easily in the morning.
  • Now tie your hair in a nape ponytail with a loose rubber band or you can leave your hair open. If the length of the hair is medium to short and spread it on your pillow before sleeping. Just avoid sleeping with your hair tied too tight. At the same time, long hair girls are not advised to sleep with open hair at night.


Curly hair care night routine

  • If you are one of those women who have curly hair then you need to take a little extra care of your hair. Before sleeping at night, sprinkle some water on your hair and moisten it.
  • Now it's time to apply serum on the hair. Curly hair girls should absolutely not miss this step, as the serum makes their hair more manageable. For this, according to your hair type, take a few drops of serum on your hands. Also add some amount of hair milk cream to it and mix well. Now go on doing sections of hair and apply this mixture on your hair.
  • Now, take the strands of your hair one by one and twist the strands. Now with the help of your hands, lightly scrunch the hair. This small step helps lock in the moisture in your curly hair, and prevents hair from getting frizzy. If you want to maintain beautiful natural curls in your hair, then do not miss this step at all.


Wavy Hair Care Night Routine

  • The specialty of wavy hair is that they can neither be included in the category of straight hair nor curly hair. If women of waves hair do not take care of their hair, then it becomes frizzy and out of shape. Before sleeping at night, sprinkle some water in your hair.
  • Now mix a good amount of serum and hair milk cream on your hands. Now apply it on the length and ends of your hair. Make sure that you mix it well before applying it on the hair and apply it in sections only, so that it is evenly applied on the hair.
  • After this, with the help of a wide-toothed comb, lightly comb your hair with a comb. Since such hair loses its shape quickly, then avoid keeping the hair open. Instead, you can make braids by doing a middle parting in the hair. This will make your hair look even more wavy and beautiful in the morning.