Hair Care Tips: Premature graying of hair, try these best home remedies for blackening


In the present time, it is seen that due to increasing pollution and stress, the health of hair is deteriorating and many problems related to it are coming to the fore. Worry increases when your gray hair starts coming before age. No one likes to look older than their age, whether it is a man or a woman. In such a situation, to remove the whiteness of their hair, everyone shows faith in the chemical-rich products present in the market, which sometimes also cause damage. So today in this episode, we have brought some such home remedies for you, with the help of which the hair which starts graying prematurely can be made black. So let's know about these remedies...


Coconut oil
Every day you have to massage your hair with coconut oil for a while before sleeping. After that, wake up in the morning and wash your hair. With this remedy, gradually you will get a solution to the problem of white hair. Your hair will also start turning black.

For this remedy, you have to eat a spoonful of ginger in a spoonful of honey every day. Try it daily to see better results.

Mehndi and Coconut Oil
You take some leaves of henna and dry it in the sun for a day. Now boil 4 spoons of coconut oil and put henna leaves in it. When the color starts showing in the oil, take it off the gas and when it is lukewarm, apply it on the hair and massage it. Wash the hair after an hour.


You must have heard about the benefits of amla for hair. You have to take half a liter of water and mix two spoons of amla powder and one to two spoons of lemon juice in it. Blend all these ingredients well and use it as a natural shampoo.