Hair Care Tips: Hairfall is happening due to sweating? Protect your hair with these easy steps..


Hair loss due to sweating: While sweating in the gym, the focus is only on losing weight and on your goal, but do you know how much sweat comes in your hair scalp during this time. If this sweat is not paid attention later, it also becomes the cause of hair loss. Yes, today we will tell you how hair fall increases due to sweating in the hair and how to prevent it.


Because of this sweating becomes the reason for hair loss
Let us tell you that due to sweat and lactic acid mixing with the keratin in the hair, it damages the hair. This is the reason why hair fall starts. At the same time, when sweat flows from the sweat glands on the scalp, it leads to dehydration in the hair strands, due to which problems like hair loss have to be faced.


In this way, take care of hair like this
-If the weather is hot or humid, the hair will sweat more. In such a situation, your scalp will absorb dust and dirt quickly, due to which there will be dirt and the chances of hair fall can increase. In such a situation, you can wash your hair 3 times a week or if you go out, you can shampoo your hair daily.
-If you want, you can also take steam in the scalp, this will help in taking out the dirt and toxins. Not only this, it also works to take out the extra oil from the scalp and also activates the hair follicles.
Massage the scalp well with oil to prevent hair fall. Doing this will help in high blood flow to the follicles and will also help in deep nourishment, removal of dirt and toxins.