Hair Care Tips: Hair frizziness is a common problem in monsoon, Take help of these tips to overcome it...


Monsoon season brings with it beautiful weather, gusty winds and humidity. This humidity is not only bad for the skin but it can also prove to be very harmful for the hair. Frizziness in your hair can spoil your beautiful look during the monsoon season and the scope of hair infections and damage to their roots is also high during this season. If the tangled, dry and frizzy hair of the rainy season does not let you enjoy this season, then do not worry, through this article we will tell you how you can take care of your hair this monsoon.


After all, why does the hair get damaged only in monsoon?
In monsoon, the problem of frizziness in the hair is very much. Because the reason for hair getting frizzy in this season is the air which is full of humidity. This air moistens the hair slightly, due to which the hair starts feeling dry and dull, but their roots remain wet. This creates frizz and if your hair is already damaged, it will make them worse.

Tips to avoid frizziness in monsoon
Protect hair from rain
Rain water is also acidic which can cause more problems. When your hair gets wet in monsoon rains, it looses its moisture and it becomes even more dry. Along with this, the risk of hair infection increases due to rain water.

Do not wash hair daily
The more you wash your hair, the more damage it does. This reduces the nutrition from the hair. Washing hair twice a week is enough. In this way too you can reduce the frizziness and dryness of your hair.”


Damage caused by excessive oiling
If you apply too much oil to your hair, then the scalp pores get clogged. In such a situation, when there is already moisture in the hair and the hair is full of sebum, then applying oil will increase the frizziness of the hair. This is the reason that even after applying oil in monsoon, many people's hair becomes excessively frizzy.

Take care of cleanliness
Although dirty towels should not be used in any season, but in the rainy season, try to use fresh towels every time you wash your hair. Actually, when the used towel is used in the hair, oil comes in the hair. Therefore, always use clean towels in the hair.

Use protein rich hair mask
To remove the frizziness of your hair, apply such hair mask which contains egg, curd etc. A hair mask with olive oil can also prove to be good for your hair. There should not be an overdose of protein in the hair, but there should not be a lack of protein either.


Hair conditioner
Conditioner can prove to be the best option to fix frizzy hair. Applying serum to the hair can also prove to be good for reducing hair dryness and damage control.

Stay away from chemicals
There is a high risk of fungal infection on the scalp in monsoon. In this case, you can use home made hairmask. Creams or gels contain a lot of chemicals, which can do a lot of damage to your hair.

Say no to iron and blow dryer
Hair styling, blow dry, iron rod etc take them away from moisture. If such a situation is created, the hair becomes more frizzy and breaks. Let the hair dry naturally. The more heat and chemicals are used, the more hair problems will increase.