Hair Care Tips: Get rid of the problem of dry hair by using these hair masks prepared from a banana!


In today's time, most people are troubled by the problems related to hair. To get relief from hair-related problems, all people use many types of hair products, whose use for a long time is harmful to your hair. Instead of these chemical-rich products, you can make hair masks at home and use them in your hair, these hair masks work to deeply nourish your hair, and using these hair masks can cause hair problems like hair fall, Frizzy hair problems, split hair problems, etc. Let us tell you through this article that we will tell you about the hair masks prepared using bananas which are beneficial for your hair. Let's know in detail -

* Hair mask made of banana and yogurt:

To get relief from the problem of 3g hair, you can make a hair mask using banana and yogurt, for this, you first mix the banana well in a bowl and add yogurt to it, and mix these two things well to mix. After that, apply the prepared hair master to the hair with the help of a brush and cover your hair with a shower cap. And the next day wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo, using this hair mask removes the problem of dryness from your hair as well as the problem of dandruff.

* Hair mask made of banana and honey:

To get relief from the problem of dryness and frizzy and lifeless hair, you can prepare a hair mask using honey and banana and use it in your hair, this hair mask is very beneficial for your hair. This hair mask is rich in anti-oxidant properties which prevents your hair from falling. 


To prepare this hair mask, first of all, mash the banana well in a bowl, after that add a spoonful of honey and mix these two well, after mixing the hair mask is ready to apply to your hair and hair. Apply it well on the scalp and leave it in your hair overnight, the next day in the morning wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo, this hair mask works to deeply nourish your hair.