Hair Care Tips: Can shampoo also cause hair fall, know the myths related to it...


It is a common thing to follow the routine of shampoo and conditioner in hair care. But can shampoo also cause hair fall? This can also be a kind of myth. Let us tell you about such myths…


A myth is spread among people that hair should not be washed daily. Experts say that hair should be washed daily, due to which the dirt present on the scalp is easily removed.

The shampoo is not good for hair, this is also a kind of myth. A shampoo chosen keeping in mind the hair type can remove oil and dirt from the scalp.

Not changing shampoo is a myth. It is wrong to use someone's recommended or trending shampoo continuously. You should keep changing shampoos until it does not benefit your hair.


Daily use of shampoos causes hair fall. According to experts, this is also a kind of myth. A good shampoo keeps the scalp clean and this also makes the hair healthy.