Hair Care Tips: Banana hair conditioner can be easily made at home, hair will become strong and shiny, know here...


Homemade Banana Hair Conditioner – The way banana is good for health, similarly, it is considered very nutritious for skin and especially hair. Many types of vitamins, calcium, and anti-oxidants found in bananas make hair strong and shiny. Especially in winter, for those who are dry and lifeless, if banana conditioner is made and applied, then it can benefit a lot more than chemical-rich hair conditioners in the market. Therefore, to make the hair shiny, soft, and strong in a natural way, then banana hair conditioner can be applied at home. With the use of ripe banana hair conditioner, essential proteins, iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin-B6 as well as vitamin E are also available in abundance for the hair. Let us know how to make banana hair conditioner at home and how to apply it-


How to make banana hair conditioner
First of all, take two ripe bananas.

2 tbsp almond oil (you can also use olive oil)

1 teaspoon pure honey

Peel two ripe bananas and mash them well to make a paste.

Now you can add two spoons of almond oil (if you want olive oil) to this paste.

Mix one spoonful of honey as well.

Apply on hair like this
Now apply it in the roots of the hair in the same way as you apply conditioner.

You can also apply this conditioner to the length of the hair.

Wash your head with a mild shampoo after half an hour.


Apply once a week
You can apply banana conditioner once a week. This can also make the hair shiny and along with adequate nutrition, it can strengthen the roots, due to which new hair can start growing in the roots.