Hair Care Tips: Apply this juice in the hair for hair growth, the effect will start happening as soon as you try it


At present, the hair has to face damage due to pollution and dust and soil in the environment and due to this, the roots of the hair become weak as well as dryness. It also affects hair growth and leads to hair loss. If the problem of hair growth increases, then problems can arise. In such a situation, you need natural remedies that work to improve the condition of the hair. Today in this episode we are going to tell you about some such juices, using which the problem of hair growth can be removed. So let's know about these remedies...


Aloe vera juice
When it comes to hair loss or hair growth, aloe vera juice can help you in this. Aloe vera is equally beneficial for the skin as well as the hair. Actually, aloe vera juice contains many types of vitamins, which strengthen the hair. In addition, the enzymes present in it provide nourishment to your scalp and also moisturize them. If you have to face the problem of dandruff along with hair fall, then aloe vera juice can be beneficial. You can make this juice a part of your diet. Along with this, this juice can also be applied directly on the hair. Wash the hair after about 20 minutes after applying aloe vera juice.

Carrot juice
Nutrients present in carrots like beta-carotene, vitamin A condition the scalp. It can help in dealing with hair loss. At the same time, the nutrients present in carrots help in the growth of blood circulation in your scalp. You must drink carrot juice regularly in winters. Also, after grinding carrot, its paste can also be applied in the hair. If you want, you can prepare a great hair mask by mixing curd and banana in it.


Garlic juice
Like onion, garlic is also considered very good for hair. It provides to the follicles of your hair scalp. You can grate it and apply its juice on your hair. If desired, apply grated garlic in the hair as well. If you want, mixing onion juice with garlic juice can also be applied. At the same time, try to include garlic in your diet as well.

Coriander juice
Fresh coriander helps in increasing your hair growth and reduces hair fall. You can make a great drink by mixing coriander juice with some other ingredients. On the other hand, if you want, you can make a paste of coriander leaves and apply it as a hair mask. Just make a paste of coriander leaves and leave it on the hair for about an hour. Finally, wash the hair with normal water.


Onion juice
Onion is not only considered very good for hair growth, but it also gets rid of baldness. If onion juice is applied on the scalp, it makes the hair grow faster. Not only this, onion juice is also beneficial for those who are troubled by the problem of untimely white hair. Since Sulfur is found in good amount in Onion, due to which the hair gets proper nutrition.