Growing Corona Crisis: Intimidating figures surfaced in Delhi, children more infected, expert told - stay safe like this


After the third wave of corona in the country during December-January, at one time it seemed that the situation was improving and normal life was back on track. However, in the last few days, the way in which cases of infection are being seen in some parts of the country including the capital Delhi, the figures are worrying. Cases of rapid infection among children have been reported in schools in Delhi-NCR, as a result some schools have been closed till further orders while some have been re-educated online. The nature of some of the variants of corona that have surfaced globally and the increasing number of infections in the country are quite frightening.

A recent report by a survey firm named 'LocalCircle' points to a bigger problem. According to the survey, there has been an increase of 500 percent in the cases of corona in Delhi-NCR in the last 15 days. About 19 percent of the residents of Delhi-NCR were included in this survey. The corona figures obtained from this indicate a serious situation.

Highlights of the survey
It has been told in the report of the firm that inputs regarding Corona were received from about 11,743 people from all the districts of Delhi and NCR. It was tried to know from them that how many people in family, friends, neighbors, colleagues have become victims of infection in the last 15 days? Based on this, a blueprint was prepared, which shows that the cases of corona are increasing rapidly in Delhi and surrounding areas for the last 15 days.

Increased risk of infection in children
In the increasing cases of corona in the past, the most impact is being seen on children. Earlier, more than 23 children were confirmed infected in some schools in Noida and Ghaziabad, while 22 new children have been found infected in NCR in the last 24 hours. The increasing infection in children is frightening in many cases, about which health experts advise all parents to be extremely cautious.

What do experts say?
In a conversation with Amar Ujala, Dr. Vikramjit Singh, senior doctor and expert of internal medicine, says that due to the way people have been careless about the preventive measures, due to the reduced cases after the third wave, once again. The figures are increasing. People have relaxed a lot in using measures like masks and social distancing. On the other hand, the new mutant variants coming to the corona are more infectious, which need special precautions to protect. Failure to vaccinate children increases their susceptibility to infection. Like adults, it is difficult for children to keep taking self-prevention measures, due to which there is a spurt in corona cases again.


How to stay safe this time?
Health experts say, the way the speed of corona is being seen increasing, it is definitely worrying. To prevent the spread of infection, we need to be vigilant about covid appropriate behavior. Especially in studies, wearing a mask has been described as the most effective means of protection against corona, so everyone must wear a mask when leaving the house. We should take serious care of social distancing and hand hygiene in ourselves and children too. If strict measures are taken in the preventive measures, then the speed of spread of corona can be stopped.