Gond Katira Benefits: Consume Gond Katira in summer, and health will get many amazing benefits

Gond Katira Benefits: In summer, such foods are consumed which can cool down the body. In such a situation, you can also consume gum katira. Its taste is cold. It helps to protect from heat stroke.

In the scorching heat, cold-tasting foods are consumed more. These foods work to cool the body during the summer season. They protect from heatstroke. To protect against heat, you can include many types of healthy foods in the diet. During this time, vegetables and fruits rich in water are also consumed to keep the body hydrated. This includes watermelon and cucumber etc. It works to cool the body. It contains magnesium, calcium, protein, and folic acid. It works to prevent heat stroke. It also helps in protecting from many health-related problems. Let’s know the benefits of eating gum katira.

Gives relief from the heat

In summer, soak 2 spoons of gum katara in a glass of water at night. Eat sugar mixed with it in the morning. Consuming it daily prevents heat stroke. It reduces body heat. Cures the problem of burning hands and feet in summer.

Makes bones strong

Grind gum katira in half a glass of milk and put it. Add sugar candy to it. Mix it and consume it. It works to make bones strong.

Removes weakness

Gum katira contains protein and folic acid. It works to give energy to the body. For this, keep 2 spoons of gum katira soaked in a glass of milk or water at night. Mix sugar candy and consume it in the morning.


If a woman has irregular menstruation, then she can consume gum katira with milk. It works to regulate menstruation.

Helps in weight loss

Gum katira works to remove toxins from the body. It increases the metabolic rate. It contains fiber. This makes you feel full for a long time. Thus it also helps in weight loss.

Heals mouth ulcers

Sometimes there are blisters in the mouth. Due to this, there is a problem of swelling, pain and redness. In this case, you can use gum katara. For this, grind the gum katira finely and make a paste of it. Apply it to the blisters. This will work to get relief from this problem.