Golden Eyeliner trend: - Not one, apply golden eyeliner in these four ways


For some time now, the trend of applying colorful eyeliner in makeup is increasing a lot. By the way, black eyeliner always gives a classy look. But if you want to carry a bold look, then the best way is to add colorful eyeliner to your makeup. In today's time, women prefer to apply blue to green eyeliner. However, if you want a bold look, then applying golden eyeliner can be a good idea.

Golden is one such shade which instantly spices up your look and hence golden eyeliner can be applied to any special occasion from a party. Not only this, but you can also carry different styles of golden eyeliner so that every time your look looks unique.

So today, in this article, RVMUA Academy's Founder, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Skin Care Expert Riya Vashisht is telling you about some different ways to apply Golden Eyeliner, which you will surely like too-

Apply eyeliner with a golden pencil

If you are a beginner, but still want to spice up your look with the help of golden liner, then you can apply golden eyeliner in this way. For this, first, take a golden-colored pencil and draw the line along with your lash line with the help of this pencil, so that it gives a beautiful eyeliner look.

When you apply golden liner in this way, do not apply any other colour to the eyes. This will make your golden liner more highlighted. Also, you can keep mascara heavy.

Apply eyeliner with golden dust

It can be a good idea to apply eyeliner with the help of golden dust too. Especially, if you want to apply golden liner at a night party then this is a good style. For this, you take golden dust. Now wet the eyeshadow brush with the help of water and then dip the brush in golden dust and apply it along the lash line like a liner. In this look too, you should avoid applying other shades to the eyes. Also, keep the mascara heavy.

Give smudge look

If you want to carry a soft look with the help of golden liner, then apply golden eyeliner in a smudged look. For this, you first apply light pink-coloured dust to your eyes as an eyeshadow. Now with the help of a wet eyeshadow brush, apply the golden shade along the lash line. Now take a dry brush and smudge it lightly with it. It gives a very beautiful look.

Apply Gel Golden Eyeliner

If you want to make your eyes very colorful even after skipping eyeshadow, then use Gel Golden Eyeliner. For this, you first take gel golden eyeliner and apply it along the lash line in a winged look. During this, you have to keep in mind that you keep it thin from the front and give a thicker look from behind. To make your eyes more colorful, you can also apply a thin liner of blue, purple or green colour along with the liner. 

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