Gobhi Uttapam: Bring a new twist to your breakfast with Cabbage Uttapam


Gobhi Uttapam: Uttapam is a popular South Indian dish that is preferred for breakfast in South India.

Uttapam is a popular South Indian dish that is preferred for breakfast in South India. The same popularity of Uttapam is also very high in North India and here also people like to eat it with equal fervor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Apart from being easy to make, it is also healthy. By the way, Uttapam is made with rice and urad dal batter. But the uttapam recipe gives us a chance to do different experiments, due to which you can prepare it with semolina, or another instant batter as well. Uttapam is best paired with chutney or sambar. Due to being a healthy option, people take it for breakfast and today we have brought another wonderful variety of Cabbage Uttapam for you.

There are many great options like Vegetable Uttapam, Onion Uttapam, Tomato Uttapam, and Oats Uttapam for you to try and this special recipe of Cabbage Uttapam brings a variation to it. Cabbage Uttapam looks very crispy to eat, this delicious uttapam is made by adding cabbage, green chilies, onions, and some other things along with semolina batter. If you are fond of trying something different, then this recipe of Cabbage Uttapam can be a good option for you. So now without any delay let's know its recipe. read ahead:

How to make Cabbage Uttapam

Mix semolina, curd, salt, green chili, ginger, curry leaves, onion, and black pepper powder in a bowl. Prepare the batter by adding water, and keep the batter aside for some time. After some time add grated cabbage to the batter and mix it. Now mix fruit salt in it. Heat a pan on the gas, and grease it with oil. Pour the batter on it and spread it in a circular shape and cover it with a lid. After some time, roast it from the other side as well and enjoy the hot cabbage uttapam.