Gmail Features: These are the special features of Gmail, which will make your work easier, know here...


Gmail is a well-known name in the digital world. Most smartphone users have an account on Gmail. It is a very important platform for work from school, and college to the office. If you also use Gmail, then it is important to know these very important and good features of it. With the help of these features, the fun of using your Gmail will be doubled. Let's know about these great Gmail features...


GMAIL Preview Panel
With the help of this feature found on Gmail, you get convenience in reading many emails at once. After opening this feature, the inbox is divided into two parts. One part shows a list of emails and one part shows clicked emails. That is, you can also see the list of emails and the messages written in those emails on the same screen. You can easily select the mail from this list and read it one by one. To open this panel, you have to go to Gmail Labs and select the cog option. After this select the preview panel from the settings. After this, you will start having two different slots.

Schedule Emails at any time
You also get the feature of scheduling emails on Gmail. With the help of this feature, you can schedule your email whenever you want. That is, if you have to send an email at 6 in the morning, then you can schedule it a day in advance with the time and date and this email will be sent automatically on the scheduled time and date. To use this feature, you have to tap on the down arrow and click on the schedule send option. After this, you select the date and time by clicking on the option of presets. After this, schedule the email by clicking on the option of pick date and time.


Snooze Emails
With the help of this feature of Gmail, you can snooze less important emails. That is, the email that has been snoozed disappears for a short time or day. You can also see this email in the Snoozed section or after a while, this email automatically starts appearing in the inbox as well.