Glowing Skin Formulas: Get flawless beauty with these 4 face packs prepared with Vitamin E


Glowing Skin Formulas: Instead of investing money in expensive beauty products, try a one-time use of vitamin E capsules to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Believe me, this will give you flawless and glowing skin. Learn how

Glowing Skin Formulas: Vitamin E capsules are packed with all the ingredients you need to improve the quality of your skin and hair. Daily intake of Vitamin E helps to get rid of many types of skin problems along with the hair. So if you are tired of using all kinds of face packs and did not get any benefit, then try these face packs prepared from Vitamin E capsules once.

1. Glycerin and Vitamin E Mask

By using this pack, the face becomes soft like butter. So this mask is very beneficial for those with dry skin.

Ingredients - 1 tsp glycerin, 1 tsp rose water, 1 vitamin E capsule


Mix vitamin E capsule oil, glycerin, and rose water in a vessel.

Before applying any pack on the face, it is necessary to wash it, due to which the effect is quick and for a long time.

Applying this pack at night is more beneficial. Apply it on the face and leave it like this for the whole night.

Wash off with normal water in the morning.

2. Papaya and Vitamin E Mask

This is a kind of cleansing face mask. While papaya works to remove tanning, vitamin E capsule works as skin nourishment. The natural glow of the skin remains with rose water.


2 tsp papaya pulp, 1 tsp rose water, 2 vitamin E capsules


Take out papaya pulp, rose water, and vitamin E oil in a bowl and mix it.

Apply this pack to the face and let it dry.

Use normal water to remove the pack.

3. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Mask

This face pack not only nourishes the skin from the inside but also removes the problem of stubborn blemishes.

Ingredients - 1 or half aloe vera leaf, 1 vitamin E capsule


Take out its gel from the aloe vera leaf.

After this mix the oil of the Vitamin E capsule in the gel.

Mix both well. Now wash the face and apply this face pack on it and let it dry thoroughly.

Use cold or normal water to wash.

4. Honey and Vitamin E Mask

Both these things keep the skin healthy and increase its glow.

Ingredients - 1 tsp honey, 1 vitamin E capsule


Take both the things in a vessel and mix them well.

Keep it on the face for 15 minutes and then wash it.