Girls notice these things about boys on the first date! Click here to know


Girls are often very prepared for a complement date. After putting a lot of time and effort into everything from dress to hairstyle and makeup, she comes on a date. Now when the first date happens, this preparation is as if doubled. So appreciate this hard work and compliment them. Do not wait to go home to message, rather speak from the front. There is no need for the extra complement, just saying two things for what you feel is necessary, will work.


No matter how rough you behave with friends, on the first date, definitely bring out the gentleman inside you in front of the woman. Any girl likes the fact that she is with a gentleman. Therefore, not only treat them but also treat the people around you well and make them meet the gentleman inside you.

It is important that people often want to tell as much about themselves as possible on a date. You would want the same. But girls like this thing that someone gives importance to them too. It's better to make them feel important than you are on a date. You ask them about them. What do they like or what do they want to do in life? They will feel special and you will benefit.


Food is also very important on a date. While ordering food, keep some things in mind. Just as it would be better to order food yourself, ask them to order for you as well. They will definitely like this thing from you. Maybe they will ask you to order. Even then, you must ask about their choice. If you want, before coming on the date, choose the restaurant of their choice.

It would be even better if you come ahead of time. And yes, after coming on time, do not get involved in attending the office phone, rather pick up the phone only when it is very important, otherwise, it would be better not to talk.