Ginger, which adds flavor to tea, can prove to be harmful! Click here to know how


Causes Bleeding

Ginger has antiplatelet properties so excessive consumption of ginger can lead to bleeding. 

Consuming high amounts of ginger can speed up the passage of food and stool

through the intestines and ultimately cause a disturbance. This often leads to restlessness and weakness.

Cardiovascular problems

Consuming excess ginger can also lower blood pressure which can result in a heart attack. The herb is known to cause blurred vision, heart palpitations, and insomnia in excessive consumption. 

Skin and Eye Allergies

The effects of excessive consumption of ginger are skin rashes, redness of the eyes, shortness of breath, itching, swollen lips, itchy eyes, sore throat, etc. In such situations, seek medical help immediately. It is recommended.

Unsafe during pregnancy:

Consuming ginger more than the prescribed limit of 1500 mg per day can lead to miscarriage. Hence it is advised to avoid too much ginger during pregnancy and consume it only after consulting a doctor.