Get rid of wrinkles at 40:- Women troubled by neck wrinkles do only these 3 exercises


Verified by Face Yoga Expert Vibhuti Arora

What do women do to enhance the beauty of the face? From adopting expensive products to trying home remedies, she adopts a lot. But forget to take care of that important part of the body which is most attractive. Yes, we are talking about the beauty of your neck. 

The skin of the neck is very thin, so the effect of age on the neck falls quickly and wrinkles start appearing first. In addition, factors such as genetics, losing too much weight, the breakdown of collagen and elastin, and sun exposure can all affect the age of your neck. 

In such a situation, it is very important to take good care of the skin of the neck. Apart from this, by doing some exercise, you can control wrinkles to a great extent. If you have also started looking old prematurely due to the wrinkles of the neck, then definitely try the 3 exercises mentioned by the experts in this article. 

These exercises are very easy to do and you can do them at home anytime. Face yoga expert Vibhuti Arora ji has shared this information through his Instagram. He wrote in its caption, 'Ageing of the neck is real and requires immediate attention. Try these exercises to loosen the sagging skin and necklines.

Neck Stretching

  • To do this, stretch the back and sit straight. 
  • Then stretch your neck to the top right at 45 degrees.
  • Do the same from the left side. 
  • Do this exercise several times on both sides.  

Three finger stretch

  • To do this, stretch the back and sit straight. 
  • Then take 3 fingers from both hands and bring them down to the neck.
  • After this, make a pout and move the face upwards. 
  • While doing this, stretch the neck. 
  • Do this exercise several times 

The poser stretch

  • To do this, sit straight.  
  • Make your hands in the salutation position. 
  • Then bend the elbows and move your hands upwards. 
  • Move your mouth to the right and stretch as much as you can.
  • Then do this exercise from the left side. 
  • Do this for 10 seconds.  

You too can control the wrinkles of the neck with the help of these exercises. 

Image Credit: Shutterstock &Freepik


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