Get Rid Of Dal Bugs: Insects fall into flour and pulses during the rainy season, so follow these tips to clean


Get Rid Of Dal Bugs: In the rainy season, the food items kept in the kitchen are often caught by insects or mites. If the material remains dissolved or is not used for several days, then worms fall in the pulses, rice, and flour. In such a situation, when people see insects in grains or spices, they throw them as bad. Many people even wash and use worm-laden grains. However, if insects get into the flour or spices, then it becomes difficult to use them. If there are insects in your kitchen, pulses, rice, flour, or spices, then do not throw them, you can easily use them by removing the insects from grains or spices.


-If worms are found in whole grains like pulses, rice, and wheat, then follow easy methods to clean them.

Whole turmeric
To clean the worms in lentils or rice, keep four to five lumps of the whole turmeric. The smell of turmeric is very strong, with the help of which insects with black and white membranes get out from the grain.

Mustard oil
Moisture is the cause of insects in the grain. Mustard oil not only removes insects in the grain but also prevents dampness or insects. Dry the grains in the sun by mixing one spoon of mustard oil.


If there are insects and mites in lentils or rice, add whole garlic to it. Dried garlic cloves will drive insects out of the grain.

Keep in the sun
If insects are found in flour or vegetable spices, then keep them in the sun to clean and remove insects. Worms will come out of the dough.