Get Rid Of Ants: Follow these home remedies to get rid of ants...


Home Remedies Tips To Get Rid Of Ants: In the rainy season, insects start coming into the houses. During this, red ants are also seen moving on the corners and walls of the house. Ant spread is common in monsoon. If ants have started coming into your house too, then you can get rid of ants by adopting some easy home remedies to get rid of ants.


Squeezed lemon peels can be used to keep ants away from your home and belongings. When you mop the floor, clean it by adding a little lemon juice to the water. Ants run away from the smell of lemon. Ants and ants do not like sour and bitter things, while sweets are like ants. Therefore, if a sweet thing is kept anywhere, then you can keep lemon peel there or wipe the floor with it.

Ants run away from salt. Sprinkle salt near the corner of the house or where ants come. Use common salt, it is a cheap way to get rid of ants naturally. Boil salt mixed with water and fill the saltwater in a spray bottle and spray it at the entrance of the house, or where the ants can come.

Black pepper
Ants like sweet as much as they dislike bitter. Therefore, you can also sprinkle black pepper on the corner of the house. Dissolving black pepper in water can be sprayed on the entrance areas of the house.


White vinegar
If you have white vinegar at home, make a solution of vinegar by mixing an equal quantity of water in it. Add a few drops of oil to this vinegar. Store the solution and keep it. Spray the solution in places where ants enter. By spraying once daily, the ants will change course and will not come to that place. You can also spray the vinegar solution on windows and doors.