Gatari Amavasya 2022: Why is Gatari Amavasya special for the people of Maharashtra, know the date, auspicious time and importance


Different types of stories are prevalent in different religions in our country. Similarly, there is also a different way of celebrating different festivals here. People of different cultures live here and carry forward their customs.

Similarly, in North India, nowadays the month of Sawan is celebrated and the slogan of Bol Bam is being raised all around. At the same time, there are some states of India in which the month of Sawan starts after 15 days of North India.

In the western states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the month of Sawan is starting on July 29. Gatari Amavasya is celebrated here just a day before the beginning of this month which is considered very special for the people here.

It is believed that Marathi people do not consume meat and liquor for at least 40 days after Gatari Amavasya. But it is believed that on the day of Gatari Amavasya, meat liquor is consumed in abundance so that these things can be avoided in the days ahead. Let us know from astrologer and Vastu expert Dr Aarti Dahiya , when will Gatari Amavasya be celebrated in Maharashtra this year and know its importance. 

Gatari new moon date 

This year in 2022, Gatari Amavasya will be celebrated on 28 July 2022, Thursday. This festival is mainly celebrated in Maharashtra and on this day everyone eats together. This festival indicates that the Sawan begins in Maharashtra from this day itself. Here the month of Sawan starts after 15 days as compared to North India. 

Why do we consume meat and liquor in Gatari Amavasya? 

People in Maharashtra have a belief that on the day of Gatari Amavasya, one should sit and eat with the whole family. Non-vegetarians consume non-vegetarian food and those who consume alcohol, definitely drink alcohol on this day. The holy month of Lord Shiva is beginning in Maharashtra on the 29th of July and from this day devotees will be completely prohibited from consuming meat and liquor. This Amavasya date is known as Hariyali Amavasya in North India and there is a custom of offering tarpan to the ancestors. 

Significance of Gatari Amavasya

The people of Maharashtra celebrate Gatari Amavasya with great enthusiasm to welcome Sawan. It is believed that meat and alcohol should not be consumed for a few days after this day. Therefore, on the day of Gatari Amavasya, the family members get together and feast in each other's homes. At the same time, from the beginning of Sawan, devotees start worshipping Shiva and take an oath to follow Satvik food for 40 days.

Thus, Gatari Amavasya has a special significance in Marathis and the practice of celebrating this day especially has been going on for a long time. 

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