Gardening Tips: Try these 4 easy ways to fill the garden with flowers in winter, know here...


Simple and Effective Gardening Tips – Who does not like a garden or house decorated with green and colorful flowers, nowadays most people like to decorate their small houses with flowers and small plants to make them attractive. At the same time, some people are also fond of gardening, but many times they are unable to maintain their garden even after applying expensive fertilizers and taking care of the plants. This problem increases more in the winter season because in this season even small mistakes can affect the growth of plants, in such a situation the mind becomes very upset.


But, if you want to decorate your garden with flowers during the winter season, then we have come up with some very easy and economical ways for you, by adopting which you can increase the growth of your plants. Let's know

Make a draining system in plants –
Plants do not require much water in the winter season, most people make this mistake in the winter season. Due to the stagnation of water in the flowering plant in winter, the roots rot and the flowers get spoiled. To avoid this, make small holes at the bottom of the pots so that the water reaches the roots but does not stop.

Use of coffee seeds
Coffee seeds are easily available at home or in the market. Which can be used as the best fertilizer for plants. Grinding coffee seeds and mixing them in the soil increases the growth of plants and drives away insects and ants.

Use cinnamon powder –
The winter season is considered best for growing flowers, but flowers are often at risk of fungus and insects. That's why using cinnamon powder in flowering plants proves to be very beneficial. The cinnamon powder acts as a natural insecticide for plants. While using cinnamon powder, take special care of its quantity, and keep the quantity less in small plants.


Use of onion peels to increase the yield of flowers –
To increase the yield of flowers in the winter season, instead of using chemical-rich fertilizers, the waste onion and garlic peels present in the house can be used. Dip garlic and onion peels in water and leave them for 2 to 4 days and then filter and put them in the plants.