Ganga Vilas Cruise: How much is the ticket for Ganga Vilas Cruise, how will the journey be? See photos!


Ganga Vilas Cruise is going to be an extraordinary experience. This cruise has been specially designed to increase tourism. The cruise will cover a distance of 3,200 km. The total journey will be of 50 days. Along with 27 rivers, you can enjoy some other special tourist places.


Necessary facilities, a special food facility, fair of cultural programs will be seen here. Tourists can experience the luxury cruise on this cruise.

The complete travel package is likely to start from around Rs.1,12,000 onwards. But what exactly are the rules, in case some people don't want to complete the tour or want to spend some time on the cruise, there is no word yet on how much their tickets will cost.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has taken this decision to promote tourism in India. The aim is that this will give a further boost to tourism after Corona. More details are likely to emerge on January 13. Therefore, the curiosity of the citizens has reached its peak.