For what reason Hanuman's makeup is done with vermilion, click to know!


After all, what is the reason that Balbrahmachari Hanuman's makeup is done with vermilion? Today we will tell you the story of Ramayana in which it has been told that what is the relation between Hanuman and Sindoor?


This incident of Hanuman Ji has been described very beautifully in Tulsidas's Ramcharit Manas. According to this legend, when Lord Rama had come to Ayodhya along with Sita Lakshman and Hanuman after the Lanka victory, one day Hanuman saw Sita Mata applying red color to her head.

When Hanuman did not understand whether it was a red thing, he asked Sita, "Mother, what have you put on your head?"

Sita told Hanuma about sindoor. When Hanuman asked the reason for applying vermilion, Sita told him that by applying this vermilion, the life of Shri Ram increases and he remains healthy.

When Hanuman heard this, he immediately went and came with vermilion all over his body. Hanuman's whole body turned red after applying vermilion.

In the same condition, Hanuman went to the court of Shri Ram. Seeing Hanuman like this, everyone started laughing and Ram also smiled.

Rama asked Hanuman what is the reason behind applying vermilion all over the body?


Hanuman told that when Sita Mata takes a pinch of vermilion and it increases your life, then I have come by applying vermilion all over my body so that you become immortal.

Hearing this, Shri Ram embraced Hanuman with a feeling of elation. From that day onwards, Hanuman's makeup was done with vermilion.

Even today, vermilion is offered on the idol of Hanuman Ji in all the temples. It is said that Hanuman Ji is pleased by offering vermilion and fulfills all the wishes.