For these reasons, women keep their distance from men! Click here to know


It is often seen that most of the men take all the decisions in the relationship themselves and expect the women to accept that decision without any complaints. They make the partner so dependent on themselves in the relationship that even in the smallest decisions, the woman has to take their help. It has been seen that most women do not like this habit of husband or partner at all.

Putting full responsibility for the household

Most men consider all the responsibilities of the household as the duty of women. Women do not like this habit of men at all. Along with women, men should also take care of the house. For example, taking care of the children, taking care of the needs of the house, etc., they can be made happy by supporting them in their responsibilities.

Stop treating women as machines

First of all, stop treating women as machines in the relationship between husband and wife. Because there are many people who consider women as work machines, women do not enjoy that relationship and they decide to separate from their partner.


Lack of Hygiene

Often men leave wet towels on the bed after bathing, which women pick up and keep in the right place. In addition, leaving a wet towel can make the bed or sofa smell even worse. Women also do not like this habit of men. If you wear dirty jeans again and again or wear your shoes or socks dirty, then these habits are not tolerated by girls at all. 

Coming home late

Many times husbands or partners return home late and it has been seen that wives do not like this habit at all. If seen, wives who are busy with household or office work all day want their husbands to come home early in the evening. All she demands is that her husband eats dinner with her and takes out some quality time for her. If you do not do this then it can cause distance between you.