Footwear Tips:-Footwear you can style with Culottes


When it is the summer season, women often prefer to wear comfortable clothes and one of these comfortable clothes is culottes. This is such bottom wear, which has a short length and gives you a chic look. Women like to carry culottes with many types of upper wear from shirts to T-shirts and tops. But along with upper wear, you should also pay equal attention to footwear.

Yes, culottes can be easily worn from casual outings to office looks. It is just necessary that you pair the right footwear with it. Just changing the footwear changes your overall look.

However, if you are not sure which footwear to style with culottes, then today in this article we are sharing some ideas with you-

Wear sneakers


If you are going out for a trip or have a plan for a day out with friends, then wearing culottes with sneakers can be a good idea. Sneakers give a sporty touch to your look and at the same time are very comfortable options.

Therefore, you can easily hang out by wearing them throughout the day. You can choose the colour of sneakers according to the colour of your outfit, but white sneakers give you a classy look.

Style the Pumps

If you want to give a feminine touch to your look with culottes, then avoid sneakers and a pair of pumps. If you are going out with your partner or want to give semi-formal style to your look, then you can wear pumps. In pumps, apart from white, and black, you can also make blue, green or many other colours a part of your style.

Pair the heels


This is a look that you can easily carry from office to dinner date. The combination of heels with culottes always looks good. In this look, you can style matching heels to the colour of the outfit. Moreover, the contrasting color in the footwear will give a stylish touch to your look. You can also carry a strappy look in heels.

Give a twist to the look with long boots

Generally, women like to wear culottes in the summers, but if you are wearing it in the changing seasons or want to wear culottes with a new style, then you can style long boots.

You can wear culottes and boots matching your outfit. It gives a stunning touch to your look. However, avoid long boots in summers as they can make you feel uncomfortable.

Loafers will also look good

If you want to be experimental with your look in culottes, then you can also wear loafers with them. Loafers are very comfortable footwear, which looks great in everything from office look to casuals. If you are going out somewhere and want to take care of your feet along with style, then you should style loafers with culottes.


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