Foot Care Home Remedies: Feet turned black due to accumulation of scum, remove foot tanning with these tips


Due to the accumulated dirt and sunlight on the feet, they start turning black. Dead cells accumulating inside the skin can be an important reason for this. You can easily remove foot tanning by adopting some tips at home. Learn about them.

If the legs look black and bad, then they can spoil the whole look. Are you also facing foot tanning? Well, you can get rid of this problem at home itself. All you have to do is try these pedicure-related home remedies.


Lemon and Potato: Lemon containing vitamin C improves the complexion of the skin and if potato juice is used with it, then double benefits can be found. Take potato and lemon juice in a vessel and mix them and apply it to the skin. Wash it off when it dries and you will be able to see the difference within a month.


Gram flour and curd: Both these ingredients also have properties to improve skin tone. Gram flour is used as a desi ubtan. Take some curd and mix gram flour in it and apply it on the skin of the feet and let it dry. Take some rose water and massage the feet. You have to follow this recipe thrice a week.


Oats and curd: To improve the complexion of the skin, it should be exfoliated. Soak oats overnight and add curd to them in the morning. Now scrub the skin with this and do this for a maximum of 5 minutes only. Do this remedy twice a week and see the difference.


Coffee and honey: People mix coffee with honey and use it as a scrub in the skincare routine. You have to follow the same recipe for the feet as well. Take the coffee powder and mix honey in it and scrub the feet.