Food Recipe: Make this healthy and delicious Rava halwa at home using semolina! Click here to know the easy recipe!


There are only a few days left for Navratri to begin. In Navratri, people taste many types of spicy food. Navratri lasts for 9 days and during Navratri, the worship of Maa Durga is done with great pomp all over India. During this, women do earth and look for options to make some tasty and healthy fruit food for every fast.

It is used to make a variety of dishes. Today, through this medium, we will tell you about the Rava halwa made using semolina, know the ingredients needed to make Rava halwa and the easy way to make it -


Ingredients required to make Rava Halwa:

1. 1 cup- Of semolina

2. 1/2 cup- of sugar

3. 1/2 cup- Ghee

4. 1 cup- of dry fruits (almonds- pistachios)

5. 1 cup-water

6. 3 cardamom

* Easy recipe to make Rava Halwa:

1. To make semolina rava pudding, first put ghee in a pan and heat it on low flame.

2. After this, after the ghee is hot, add cashews, almonds, and cardamom and roast it well.

3. Now heat ghee in a pan and then roast the semolina till it turns brown. When the semolina is roasted well, then add saffron milk to it.

4. After this you cook the semolina mixture until the mixture becomes thick.

5. Then put ghee and cardamom in another pan and heat 1 cup of water in it and boil it by adding half a cup of sugar.

6. When you get sugar mixed in water, then add semolina to it and mix it well.

7. Now to mix all the ingredients well, stir the semolina mixture well from top to bottom.

8. Now add a spoonful of ghee and roasted dry fruits on top of it. Your delicious sooji ka halwa is ready.

9. Now take out the halwa on a plate and serve it by adding pistachios on top.