Food Recipe: Make Murmure Chikki at home with this easy recipe in 15 minutes, let's learn!


* Ingredients needed to make Puffed Chikki:

1. Puffed rice - 2 cups

2. Jaggery - 1 cup

3. Ghee - 1 tsp

4. Coconut - 1 cup (grated)

5. Cardamom - 2-4


* Easy recipe for making puffed rice:

1. To make puffed rice, first, take out puffed rice on a plate and clean it.

2. And after that keep jaggery in small pieces.

3. Now put 2 spoons of ghee in a pan and heat it on low flame, add puffed rice and fry till it becomes crisp.

4. When your puffed rice turns light brown, take it out on a plate.

5. Now again put the pan on the gas and heat it by adding 2 spoons of ghee.

6. After heating the ghee, add one or two pieces of cardamom and jaggery and cook it well. You can also add some water along with jaggery.

7. Now after this, when the mixture is cooked well, add puffed rice and coconut and cook for a while.

8. Put some ghee in a utensil or tray so that puffed rice doesn't stick. When the chikki is cooked, turn off the gas.

9. Now spread this mixture on a plate with the help of a spoon and keep it for one to two hours. You can garnish with coconut from above.

10. Now cut it into pieces with the help of a knife and serve after cooling down.