Food Items Of '90s:- Let us once again visit these memories related to food items of the 90s


'Chocolate, lime juice, ice cream, toffees, first like now mere hobby haiKahan...' This song is from the 90's movie 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun'. In this film, Madhuri Dixit talks about her childhood hobby. Even though it is about his childhood, we can relate well to this 90s kid. There are many things in our times that we may have forgotten. Some such food items became very popular in our time. Let us take you to the streets of some such memories today. 

1. Sweet cigarette


This cigarette used to be very popular among the children of the nineties. We would all carry it in our hands and move it around the schools in a big way. Its test is similar to today's polo. This peppermint-flavoured cigarette used to be in every other kid's pocket.

2. Boomer bubblegum


Today we eat chewing gum called Center Fresh, but do you remember Boomer Bubblegum? This bubblegum with strawberry flavour was also very famous among children. Bubblegum available for just Re 1 is seen in very few places today. 

3. Lollipops

Lollipops are still available today, but do you remember those lollipops that were round in shape? These lollipops with different flavours used to be available for just 1 rupee in the 90s. Then their price also started increasing and the taste and size also changed.

4. Taste Hajma Toffee

You would also take Hajmola candy for digestion, wouldn't you? The kids of the 90s will remember the taste of this toffee but till now. This sweet digestible candy used to come for 2 rupees for 1 rupee and all of us must have needed it at some point or the other. 

5. Cup jelly

At that time, sweet jelly was also available in the cup. Some came in toy shapes with different flavours. We children often bought this jelly in the shape of our favourite animal toy and used to eat it throughout the day. 

6. Orange toffee

Do you remember anything about this toffee? This toffee was available for 4 rupees. It is made even today, but today its taste has changed a lot. Earlier, while eating it, it seemed that the taste of orange is dissolving in your mouth. Today it just looks like a plain candy made from sugar. 

7. Sour sweet powder

It was available outside school and tuition. It was so much fun to eat these piped sour sweet powders in thin packets. If the parents saw it while eating it, then there was a big scolding. It was also mixed in different flavours. Remember something?

8. Ice Cream pop


There was often an ice cream vendor outside the school, whose base used to be this ice cream available for 1-1 rupees. Every child must have insisted on eating this ice cream available in all kinds of flavours. Have you tasted it too?