Food Combination: Why shouldn't spinach and paneer be eaten together? Read this news to know!


On hearing the name of Palak Paneer, people's mouth starts watering. When you go to a hotel or want to eat something different and delicious at home, then your first choice is Palak Paneer. For vegetarians, palak paneer is a lifesaver. Everyone thinks that Palak Paneer is a very tasty and healthy recipe. Because it contains both calcium-rich paneer and iron-rich spinach.

But what if you come to know that consuming spinach and paneer together is not healthy? Today we are going to give you information that how healthy is Palak Paneer for you or not.


Is Palak Paneer good for the body or not?

Paneer is made from milk so it is a rich source of protein and calcium. Spinach, a green leafy vegetable, is a rich source of iron, folic acid, vitamins A, E, K, and omega-3 fatty acids. Which prevents diseases like skin cancer.

The calcium in cheese limits the absorption of iron in spinach. Spinach has less than 5% iron absorption, so it provides very little iron to the body.

Palak paneer is definitely not a good option for people with high cholesterol. Because paneer is a good source of protein. But it can also cause high cholesterol problems. Even when mixed with paneer and spinach, its nutritional value remains negligible.

Some people may also be allergic to eating palak paneer together. This can cause problems like bloating, gas, and stomach upset.


According to people who follow yoga spiritually, eating palak paneer is not good. Because it does not add anything to the nutritive value of Sharora. The iron present in it reduces the calcium due to which its nutritional value becomes zero.

Instead of eating spinach and paneer together, if you eat them separately, then you get their full nutritional value. Eat spinach raw, steamed, or softened to retain its nutritional value. It benefits your body from the iron present in spinach. Hence paneer alone is very good for those who want to gain weight. So now you decide whether Palak Paneer is healthy for you or not.