Follow these tips to store perfumes, the fragrance will remain intact for a long time...


Who does not like the smell of perfume? Many people like the fragrance of perfume hard while some people like light. People buy perfume according to their choice and keep it very comfortable. But do you know the right way to store perfume? In such a situation, here are some tips to store perfume. Following these tips will help in maintaining the fragrance of perfume for a long time. Let us know which tips you can follow.


Keep it in the bathroom
By keeping perfume on the bathroom shelves, you can use it very easily. But there is a lot of moisture in the bathroom. The temperature here also keeps on increasing or decreasing. Instead of the bathroom, you can store the perfume in a dry place only.

Don't throw away the perfume box
You may find the cardboard box of the perfume damaged. Due to their poor quality, people often throw them away. But don't make such a mistake. These boxes are made in such a way that the fragrance of the perfume remains intact for a long time. Store the perfume in its original box only.

Cap the bottle
Many times it happens that in a hurry, we are not able to close the bottle cap of the perfume properly. But because of this, the perfume starts to evaporate. The fragrance of the perfume does not last long.

Do not shake the perfume bottle
Many people have this habit that they shake the perfume bottle before applying it. People do this because they think that its fragrance will increase but the opposite happens. Instead of increasing the fragrance, it decreases further. That's why do not shake the perfume bottle excessively.


Temperature for perfume
Keep the perfume cool or at a constant temperature. With this, the fragrance of the perfume will remain intact for a long time.