Flawless Makeup Base: - 6 Smart tips that will make your makeup long-lasting


Every woman loves to do makeup. There will be very few women who do not like to wear makeup. Women also buy different types of makeup products to do makeup, but often women do not know that it is very important to do base makeup properly to make makeup look great. Because if base makeup is not done properly, it can spoil your entire look and make your face look ugly. 

To do base makeup, we should take care of some important things, so that you can avoid the mistakes made during makeup and look the most beautiful. So let's know some tips by which you can make your base makeup very beautiful.

Don't forget to do skin prep

Often women get ready in a hurry, due to which they forget to prep the skin and apply foundation directly. If you are also one of those women, then stop doing this now because doing so can make your base makeup look torn. So whenever you do makeup, don't forget to prep the skin. For which you can apply any moisturizer according to your skin.

Don't Skip Primer 

Primer is an important part of base makeup and it has been seen that most women skip the primer. Due to this their base makeup does not last long and by doing so your base makeup starts looking ugly. That's why you must use a primer before makeup. For this, you can buy any primer according to your skin.

Colour correction is also necessary

Women often skip the necessary steps like colour correction due to a lack of knowledge of the right method, due to which the base makeup gets oxidized in no time and the face starts looking black. 

Use a clean brush  

Often women leave the brushes like this after doing makeup and use the same makeup brushes without washing them the next time while doing makeup. The old makeup product used in brushes can easily damage your skin and cause pimples, due to which your base makeup can look torn. So whenever you do makeup, do not forget to wash the brushes properly after makeup.

Minimize contouring 

Although contouring is an important part of base makeup, it is important to apply it to a limited extent as over-contouring can make your face look dark. So do contouring only where it is needed. For contouring, do not forget to select the colour according to your skin.

Setting spray is also an important part

Due to haste and not knowing the right method, women skip the setting spray. Due to this the base makeup does not last long and in a short time, the makeup starts melting. If you also want your makeup to last longer, do not forget to use a setting spray.


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