Fitness routine after 40:- Follow this entire week's routine for Malaika Arora's figure


Be it her busy shooting schedule or holidays, Malaika Arora never misses her workouts. Be it just a soothing yoga class, packed Pilates or some quick muscle-building exercises, she likes to start her day on an energetic and positive note. 

Today we are telling you about Malaika Arora's fitness routine for the whole week, which she has shared with her fans through Instagram. A quick scroll through Malaika Arora's Instagram will give you enough fitness inspiration to start your fitness journey. 

Yes, fitness freak, Malaika Arora leaves no chance to inspire her fans with workout videos and yoga sessions. She makes her healthy lifestyle a top priority and makes sure that she never skips her daily workouts. 

While the actress is known to love yoga for her healthy lifestyle, she also incorporates core and strength workouts into her routine. Malaika recently proved this by posting a video of her weekly workout routine.

If you also want to get a figure like her in growing age, then in this article there are some fitness lessons that you can take from Malaika and get those endorphins flowing. Let us know in detail about her entire week's fitness routine through the article. 

While sharing the fitness video, he wrote in the caption, 'Who says gym person can't be a Yogi? I believe in yoga and gym balance. You don't need to limit yourself to one type of exercise to get moving. 

Malaika's fitness routine 

  • In the video, on Monday, the actress is doing yoga by holding one leg with her hand and stretching it backwards. By doing yoga, along with the body and mind, the skin can also be made glowing. Stretching works for your body in many ways and can lead to better flexibility and increased blood flow to the muscles.
  • On Tuesday, she can be seen running on the treadmill. Regular exercise has almost innumerable health benefits, including heart strength, weight loss, and reduced insulin resistance.
  • Wednesday is also reserved for yoga, with Arora doing a particularly twisty posture involving her arms and upper body. 
  • On Thursday, she's back at the gym. In this, she can be seen exercising with the help of dumbbells. 
  • She does yoga again on Friday, in which she can be seen doing face yoga. By doing face yoga, you can look young and beautiful even in old age. 
  • On Saturday, she is once again doing a little exercise in the gym which includes the workout cable and plank.

If you're interested in following such a routine, make sure you don't overdo it. Avoid doing all kinds of exercises in a day and give your body time to rest. As the 48-year-old actress says, finding balance is important.

Article & Image Credit: Instagram(@malaikaarora) 


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