Fitness Tips: If you want to get a figure like Alaya F, then drink this magic drink on an empty stomach daily.


Benefits Of Drinking Kesar Water: Saffron is a storehouse of nutrients like fibre, potassium, vitamin C, manganese, iron, protein, vitamin A and vitamin C. People usually like to consume saffron by adding it to sweet dishes or milk. But do you know that consuming saffron water has many benefits for your health? If not, then today we are going to tell you the benefits of drinking saffron water.


Saffron water helps in body detoxification which also helps you in weight loss. Apart from this, your skin becomes clean from the inside and looks shiny from the outside, so let us know (Benefits Of Drinking Kesar Water) the benefits of drinking saffron water….

How To Make Kesar Water
To make saffron water, first of all, soak 2 to 3 saffron rings in a glass of water overnight. Then you drink this water with rings on an empty stomach in the morning.

Benefits Of Drinking Kesar Water
Cure insomnia
Many such anti-oxidants are present in saffron, the use of which helps to overcome the problem of insomnia. People who have trouble sleeping should drink saffron water daily.

Detox the body
Consumption of saffron water helps in removing toxins from your body. Due to this, due to the dirty substances present in your body, problems such as abdominal pain, obesity and boils are prevented.


Period pain relief
If you have a lot of pain during periods, then saffron water can prove to be helpful for you. Consumption of saffron water maintains hormonal balance in your body.

Brighten skin
Saffron is rich in anti-oxidants properties, which protects your skin from radical damage. With this, your skin is protected from pimples, acne and other problems. That's why consume saffron water.