Fitness Tips: How many steps are necessary according to age, know the correct step count from experts...


The facility of step count is also given in the latest features in gadgets like smartphone and watch. People follow this feature, but they do not know that according to age, how many steps should be taken in a day. Learn from Dr Ajay of Delhi...


Dr Ajay Kumar, the senior physician in Delhi, says that people should walk at least 10,000 steps in a day, although they can be reduced or increased according to age. Children of five to 10 years are advised to walk more.

On the other hand, people of 18 to 45 years should walk between 9 to 11 thousand steps. People of this age should do more physical activity because most of the people living outside in this age consume junk food or other things. However, if there is a physical problem, one should walk only after consulting the doctor.

Apart from this, 10 thousand steps are enough for those aged 45 to 60. And above 60, 5 to 8 thousand steps are a lot, but if there is any chronic disease, arthritis or kidney problem, then doctors must be consulted before work.


According to Dr Ajay, there are disadvantages to walking more. This can cause pain in the knees and ankles. The elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases must consult a doctor before walking.