Fengshui Tips: If you want to progress in life then keep a crystal tree like this at home or office...


Crystal Tree Benefits: Everyone wants his life to be full of happiness. May there be love and unity in the family. For this, people work hard day and night, but even after all this, there is an excess of negative energy in the house, as a result, you are not able to get what you want and sometimes you struggle with financial and mental problems related to relationships. In such a situation, many such things have been told in Feng Shui, which can end your problems by keeping them in the house. At the same time, there is happiness and prosperity. In Feng Shui, many such things have been described in detail, which by keeping them in the house, office or garden, etc. destroys the negative energy around the person. One of these is the crystal tree. It is said that keeping a crystal tree in the house brings happiness and prosperity. Let's know about it...


What is crystal tree-like
The crystal tree is made up of a variety of colorful gems and rhinestones. It is said that if the crystal tree is kept in the house or office according to the rules mentioned in Feng Shui, then many positive changes are seen in the life of the person.

Benefits of planting crystal tree at home or office
-For success in studies, a person is advised to keep a crystal tree in his study form. According to Feng Shui, students should place a crystal tree in the northeast corner of their study room or study table. Doing so gives positive results.

-According to Feng Shui, placing a crystal tree in the southwest direction of the living room or bedroom is considered auspicious. Due to this, along with happiness, the sweetness remains in married life.

-According to Feng Shui, placing a crystal tree in the northwest direction of the house removes the financial problems of the house. Along with this, there are also benefits in career and business opportunities.


-The eastern part of the house is related to health. In such a situation, it is advisable to keep a crystal tree in the eastern direction of the house or office. This improves the health of the person.

-If you keep a colorful crystal tree in your house, then the balance of energy remains in the house. Also, the physical and mental problems of the person are removed.