Feng Shui Tips: These Feng Shui remedies will give you huge money benefits in your job and business, know here...


Feng Shui Tips: In Chinese Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui symbols are used to remove negativity and get rid of problems. These symbols are very easily available in the market. Many keep them decorated as showpieces in their homes. If problems have increased in your life or success is not being achieved even after continuous hard work, then you can get rid of negativity and troubles by doing these easy measures mentioned in Feng Shui. Let's know about the powerful symbols of Feng Shui.


Laughing Buddha
If you want happiness, prosperity, and positive energy, then keep the statue of Laughing Buddha in your home or office. Apart from this, the statue of Laughing Buddha with both hands raised should be kept at your workplace for progress in the business.

If negativity has increased in the house, then according to Feng Shui, you should place a wind chime at the door of your house or at a place where there is a gust of wind. Whenever the wind hits the wind chime, it produces a melodious sound which is very helpful in removing negativity.

Camel showpiece
Keeping a showpiece of a camel in the house does not help in facing difficult times in life. According to Feng Shui, if there is no profit in the business or the employees steal from working, then a camel showpiece should be installed at the workplace. This gives good results.

Crystal pyramid
According to Feng Shui, Crystal Pyramid eliminates all negative energy from home and office. If the members of the house are often ill or there is any kind of obstruction in the way of money, then by applying this, that problem goes away.


Metal turtle
Keeping a metal turtle in the house is very auspicious. It is very auspicious to keep it facing the north direction of the house. Apart from this, if the money crunch has increased too much, then keep a tortoise with crystals.