Feng Shui Tips: These 5 plants of Vastu Feng Shui will remove every problem related to money, know here...


Greenery is liked by everyone. Gives peace and calm to the mind. By providing natural beauty to our home, it gives positive energy and pure air, which keeps us healthy and happy. According to Vastu Fengushai, some plants are inauspicious to plant in the house and there are some such plants that remove financial problems and bring happiness and peace. Let us know about such plants which can be helpful in your economic progress.

Green money plant
There is a belief about this plant that planting this plant brings happiness, prosperity, and money to the house. According to astrology, the money plant is related to the planet Venus, so keeping the money plant in the southeast direction is considered auspicious, the money plant placed here increases happiness and good luck. By applying this, love remains among the family members and there is no financial crisis. Never keep money plant in the north-east direction i.e. north-east.

Bamboo plant
The bamboo plant is considered a symbol of auspiciousness, good luck, and long life. According to Vastu science, if the bamboo plant is given the right place according to the directions, then it provides miraculous benefits. The wonderful bamboo plant eliminates negative energy, while it also purifies the environment around it, so it must be planted in the house. It should be tied with a red ribbon and kept in a glass bowl with water. By tying small bamboo plants in a glass jar in a red thread and keeping it in the north or north direction in the shop, establishment, and economic progress starts. The use of 6 bamboo stalks will give you benefits so that you never feel short of money in life.

By applying Tulsi in the form of Goddess Lakshmi in the north, north, or east direction of the house, the grace of Mother Lakshmi remains, there is never any shortage of money and food in life. Offer water to Tulsi every morning and evening in the courtyard of the house or on the terrace. Light a lamp of ghee near Tulsi in the evening, doing this brings happiness and prosperity to the house and there is no shortage of money.

Lily plant
This plant, full of positive energy, increases happiness, and harmony among the people of the house. The specialty of the lily plant is that by planting it in the house, the behavior of the members of the house remains good among themselves. Therefore, this plant should be planted in the living room or meditation room of your house. For economic progress, the white lily should be kept in the southeast direction of the house.


Moneytree or Crassula
According to Feng Shui, keeping a jade plant with small round leaves in the house or office is very auspicious, brings wealth, and increases happiness and prosperity. It should be placed inside the entrance near the door. It is said that this plant attracts money and positive energy like a magnet.