Fashion TipsTo Look Slim: - These styling mistakes can make you look fat


You can look perfect in any outfit. From the colour of the dress to the print, everything matters for the perfect look. Often women do not know what to do to look slim. Despite this, she is not able to wear the outfits of her choice. It is the desire of every woman to look slim in whatever she wears. But the opposite happens.

After which she gets frustrated and spends the whole day thinking about what to do so that she does not look fat. Do you know that if you ignore some fashion-related mistakes, then you will not look chubby in any outfit? Let's know those styling mistakes that can make you look fat. 

Choosing the wrong print dress

Most women make the mistake that only paying attention to the fabric. Not on prints. This is the reason why you look fat in most outfits. If you like check prints, then keep in mind that the bigger prints you choose, the more you will look fat and your belly fat will also be visible. Women who have more belly fat should wear vertical print outfits instead of horizontal print clothes. It helps you look tall and slim. 

Wearing the wrong undergarments

Do you know that your undergarments affect your overall look? Often women feel that wear anything when it is not visible. But it should not be done at all. Make sure that the undergarments are not too tight and loose. You can look fat even more than this. Wear undergarments the same size as you. This will make you look slim in any outfit. 

Ignore the colours

It is said that we should choose the colour of clothes according to our skin tone. Yes, to some extent this is true. But when it comes to looking thin or fat in outfits, then only certain colours should be worn. Light colours can make you look fat because they show your body parts to hide. So if you want to look slim in any outfit then choose dark colours like black, blue and purple. 

Choosing the wrong accessories

Often women forget that even accessories can change their whole look. The wrong accessories tend to focus on those areas of yours, which can make you look awkward. At the same time, the right accessories work to add beauty to your look.

The belt is in fashion trend these days. That's why women like to wear it with every outfit. But you should know what kind of belt to wear. If you have a long tummy, wear a wide belt instead of a thin one. Wear the belt on the waistline instead of the bust line. Don't wear a choker in jewelry. Always wear a long necklace. 


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