Fashion Tips: To wear a saree in Rajasthani Style follow these steps, you will look perfect...


The saree is one such garment that suits every woman. Especially when it is the festive season. So women like to dress up in a traditional look. In such a situation, some women prefer to drape the Rajasthani style for a different look. But if you are draping the pallu in Rajasthani style or the front, then it is important to keep some things in mind. Which gives a perfect look. So let's know what are the things to remember.


Take care of pleats
Whenever you are wearing a saree with a front pallu, take special care of the pleats of the pallu. While making pleats, try that all the pleats are the same. Only then will the pallu look good. Also, pin up the pleats properly. The pallu fits snugly by pinning it just above and below the shoulder.

Blouse is special
Along with the saree, the blouse should also be special in the front pallu. So that all the attention goes to the blouse. If you want, you can also match the crop top with the front pallu. It will look very beautiful.

Style it with a belt
If you want to make your front pallu special and stylish then set it with a belt. Pin up the pleats properly and put the belt together. This will give a very nice look.


Accessories are special
You can also focus on accessories to make the front pallu more special. If the heavy embroidery and border are heavy on the saree, then match it with heavy earrings or Chandbali. On the other hand, if the design of your blouse is more special, then match it with a long necklace with double layers. You will get a very beautiful look.

Keep the pallu open
The pallu at the back is mostly kept open. But if you want to try something different then keep the pallu open from the front. It will look unique. The way the pallu is brought forward to make it. Bring it and rest it on the shoulder with the help of a pin. And do not make pleats on the rest of the part and leave it open.