Fashion Tips: To get a beautiful look in the festival drape Banarasi dupatta with kurta in this way, know here...


The season of defeats is near. In such a situation, every woman wants to wear something stylish. Which is also ethnic and looks beautiful too. But everyone can't buy new clothes on every occasion festivals. But you can look stylish even without new clothes. Just need a few tips. If you want, you can give a new look to an old kurta with a Banarasi dupatta.


Green banarasi dupatta
If you want to buy something different from red and pink colors. So buy a green-colored Banarasi dupatta. It will match your multi-colored Kurti. On the other hand, if you wish, match a plain green kurta with a green matching Banarasi dupatta. This will give a very beautiful look.


Yellow banarasi dupatta
If you want a new look for the time of worship, then you can match the pink, green, and orange color kurta with yellow colored Banarasi dupatta. A yellow-colored Banarasi dupatta looks great with these colors. At the same time, if you want, you can also match the dupatta with shaded colors.


If you have a white or black kurta, then you can wear it with a matching red, pink or yellow colored Banarasi dupatta. This will give you the best look.


If you want a different look with a red, and white-colored kurta, then drape a blue Banarasi dupatta. Also, drape the dupatta by keeping it on one side of the shoulder. Or by making pleats on one side of the shoulder and keeping the other side open, you will get the perfect look.