Fashion Tips: If you want to look slim, then give this design saree a place in your wardrobe, know here...


You can do any experiment you want with a saree. On the other hand, a saree suits all types of women, whether plus size or slim. If you are a more than normal figure and want your look to look slim. So definitely include a sari with stripe or lining in your wardrobe. Anyway, most fashion experts recommend wearing striped clothes to look slim. In such a situation, if you wear a striped saree. Then you will be seen in perfect shape.


Celebrities have also experimented many times with striped sarees. Deepika Padukone entered the glamorous look on the very first day of the Cannes Film Festival with a black and golden shimmery striped saree. The most important thing is that the striped saree looks beautiful in both party and casual looks. You can take style tips both ways from the looks of these beauties.


Like Deepika Padukone, you can rock a glamorous look at any party with a saree with a shimmery stripe. Match the high bun and winged eyeliner according to your style. Then see how everyone's eyes will be on you.


If you are attending a wedding party. So wear a shimmery saree with colorful lining. Which you match with heavy earrings. Also, both the look of open hair and a sleek bun will give a perfect look with this saree.