Fashion Tips: - How to Style Bell Bottom and Look Very Stylish


The bell bottoms of the 1970s are back in trend. Its trend is once again going on in full swing in big cities like Delhi-Mumbai. From Bollywood to college girls, everyone is very fond of it. From young girls to working women, bell bottom has become everyone's favourite. But a lot of women don't know how to style bell bottom. If you are one of those women who do not know what type of top she can style bell bottom with, then this article can be of great help to your, know-how. 

Crop top

The bell bottom is a completely different style from the rest of the pants. You can wear a crop top with a bell bottom. Try to choose a body-fit crop top. By doing this your look will emerge very beautifully. 


Turtle neck 

The turtle neck is never out of trend. Most young girls like to wear a turtle neck. Styling bell bottom jeans with a turtle neck will make you look classy and powerful.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have always been evergreen. If you style a denim jacket with bell bottom jeans, then you will look very cool. Try to choose the same colour of bell bottom jeans and denim jacket. By doing this you can get a monochromatic look. 


Long shrug

The flares present in the bell bottom make your look very unique. Most college girls like to wear it with a long shrug. If you also like to wear this kind of western look, then you can try this look. 

With shirt


It is extremely difficult to style anything with a bell bottom. Keeping in mind the flares present in it, if it is not styled properly then it can spoil your entire look. Try styling it with a printed shirt. By doing this your look will look very cool and formal.

With T-shirt 

To style, the bell bottom with a T-shirt, make sure you wear a patterned T-shirt instead of a plain T-shirt. Try to choose a pastel colour for the T-shirt. Styling in this way your look will look very stylish.  


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