Fashion Tips: From Jeans to Dresses choose the right footwear for every outfit, know here...


Fashion Tips Footwear Ideas: To look stylish and perfect, there is a need for the right selection of clothes as well as many other accessories. Girls also pay attention to the jewelry, and hairstyle along with the dress, but as much as the focus should be on the dress and hairstyle, the same should be on footwear. For the perfect look, girls must know what kind of footwear to match the outfit they are wearing. Choosing the right footwear along with the outfit can give you the best and most stylish look. Know about the matching footwear of your outfit.


Footwear with a maxi dress
If you are wearing a maxi dress then you have many options in footwear. Wear loafers, wedges, belly, sneakers, or heels with maxi dresses. They make your look stylish. However, you can choose footwear according to the occasion and your body type. Like if you are attending a party then heels will look perfect with a maxi dress. Wedge heels are comfortable if the height is short and you want to make yourself look taller. In daily use, you can wear a belly with a maxi dress.


Footwear with jeans and pants
Most of the girls like to wear Suez with jeans or pants. But to look stylish apart from a sporty look, you can pair strappy sandals, loafers, belly, pumps, and sneakers with jeans. High heels with skinny jeans also enhance the style.


Kurta set with footwear
If you are pairing footwear with a kurta set in summer, then wear shoes, heels, and pumps. You can wear sneakers to carry the kurta in western style. This will give you a comfortable look. If you want to give Indo western look to your kurta set and are wearing a front slit kurta, team up the boot with jeans.


Footwear with a short dress
Girls often like to wear short dresses during the summer season. Whether in daily wear or if you are wearing a short dress for a party, then pair sneakers, heels, and wedges with your dress. Heels give the best look with a short dress.