Fashion Tips: Do not make these mistakes while doing makeup in monsoon, know here...


Many women do makeup but very few women know the right way to do makeup. Whether it is a wedding party or a special event, women do makeup for hours before leaving. But even then there are complaints. That she didn't look beautiful. Her makeup started deteriorating very quickly. Or there were patches on his face. If you have the same complaint. So it is important to know which mistakes should not be made while doing makeup. So let's know those makeup mistakes which can be avoided only by getting the perfect look.


Apply small amount
Many women feel that a lot of foundation or product should be applied to make the skin look smooth. But doing so makes the whole face look ugly. Therefore, never apply too much makeup to get full coverage.

Avoid multiple layers
When you are getting ready to go to a party, always take care of it day and night. Because light makes a big difference in the makeup of the face. Also, avoid applying too many layers on the face. After doing this, the face starts looking faded and discolored after a while. And your base makeup will look torn.

Which one is the brush
Women often use flat brushes to blend foundation or concealer. Due to this, there is no smooth finishing on the face. Sometimes a line starts appearing on the face. Always use a buffing brush if you want a smooth finish to save time. Or you can also use a beauty blender. These also give very good results.


Which makeup product
Never apply cream-based products in the sticky summer of monsoon. Instead, go for a gel-based product. These will stay on the face for a long time. And the skin will also not look sticky.

Blusher and Bronzer Powder
Due to sweating, the skin starts to look sticky and moist. Therefore, you should use a powder product for contouring and applying blush. This will keep the skin dry and look matte.