Fashion Style: Hina’s monokini is full of style, the ground will slip under her feet after hearing the price

Actress Hina Khan raises the Internet once again with her photos

The monocony look of Hina Khan, who blows her senses in fashion and style, is in the headlines these days. Yes, Hina’s monocony of T-Green shade is making fans crazy. Let us tell you today from where and for how much you can buy this monocony.

Hina Khan made everyone crazy with her acting on television. Big actresses have also failed in front of the acting of the actress. Hina also leaves everyone behind in her fashion style. The actress raises the mercury of the internet by sharing more than one stylish look. The actress recently shared a monocony look, which is being discussed a lot.


Hina Khan has shared such a monocony look many times. But now the look that the actress has shared is being discussed a lot. Yes, TV actress Hina Khan recently appeared in T-Green Monokini.

Even though the actress has shared this photo on her Instagram story, seeing this photo came into the limelight, fans are not tired of praising Hina Khan for her glamorous style.  The actress shared the photo of her bold look on Instagram Story.


Hina Khan also carried a colorful scarf with monokini in a stylish look. While the actress completed her look by wearing black goggles. Although this monocony is being liked among fans, its price is also attracting everyone towards it.

The price of this simple-looking monokini of Hina Khan is in the thousands. Let us tell you that you can easily carry this monocony by buying it through online. Without a doubt, this stylish monokini is from the collection of Shivan and Narresh.


If you are in the mood to buy a Hina-like monokini this time, then let us tell you that its price is Rs 19,950. That is, although this monocony can mess up the budget of the common man. So buy it wisely.