Famous Gurudwaras of India: - There is a free arrangement to stay and eat in these famous Gurudwaras of India, you also reached


Whenever you and I go to visit someplace, we look for such a place where we can stay cheaply. While travelling, we and you also look for such a place where you can eat food for very little money.

In such a situation, if you are told that there are some places in India where you can stay for free and do not have to pay any money for food, then what will be your answer?

Yes, there are many gurudwaras in some states of India where apart from staying for free, you can also eat food for free. In this article, we are going to tell you about some such Gurudwaras where tourists are provided free of cost. Let's know.  

Gurudwara Sri Bangla Sahib


Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is a famous Gurudwara in India, located at a short distance from Rajiv Chowk in the capital of India i.e. Delhi. Every day thousands of Sikhs as well as people of other religions reach here for darshan.

In such a situation, if you are also going to visit Delhi and you want to eat free food and stay at night, then you can easily stay here.

Yes, here you can eat food in the morning and evening langar and also stay in the side rest room. You do not have to pay any charge for this.  

Golden Temple, Gurudwara (Golden Temple)

golden temple

The Golden Temple i.e. Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, Punjab is famous all over the world. Every day lakhs of domestic and foreign tourists reach here to pay obeisance.

You can easily eat food and stay for free in the world-famous Sri Harimandir Sahib. Here also lakhs of devotees eat langar in the morning and evening and take rest in the rest room present here. Let us tell you that the writer has also had the experience of eating food in the langar and staying for free.

Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib

Every day lakhs of domestic and foreign tourists visit Himachal Pradesh, India. Tourists reach large numbers, especially in the winter season. In such a situation, if you are going to visit Himachal's Parvati Valley i.e. Kullu, then you can stay at Manikaran / Manikarna Sahib Gurudwara.

Yes, GurdwaraManikarna Sahib is such a sacred place and you can stay here for free in the restroom at night. Here also like other gurudwaras, one can have food in the langar in the morning and evening.

Free facilities are also available in these gurudwaras


Like Gurdwara Sri Bangla Sahib, Golden Temple and GurdwaraManikaran Sahib, there are many Gurdwaras in India where you can easily stay and eat free of cost.

Like- Govindghat Gurudwara located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Takht Sri Patna Sahib-Bihar, Gurudwara Nada Sahib-Panchkula and GurdwaraDukhNivaran Sahib-Patiala can easily avail free facilities.

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