Facial Exercises for Anti-Aging:- By reducing sagging cheeks and wrinkles, these 4 facial yoga drives away old age


Verified by Face Yoga Expert Vibhuti Arora

Our schedule is getting so busy that the stress of everyday life is starting to show in the form of wrinkles and fine lines on our faces. However, there is something that can help you get rid of these signs of ageing. Oh no, we're not talking Botox. You can get younger-looking skin naturally by adding some facial yoga to your routine.

Face yoga includes specific exercises and massages that target the face. Both these things can firm the skin and reduce the signs of ageing, among other benefits. Yes, yoga counteracts the ageing processes. This article contains some facial yoga poses that you can easily do at home. 

Their information has been shared by Face Yoga expert Ms. Vibhuti Arora through her Instagram. Sharing the video while doing yoga, she wrote in the caption, 'A good fitness routine is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. But we usually neglect to work on the issues that people see the most and that are our face. If you also want to get youthful skin by reducing facial wrinkles and lifting sagging cheeks, then definitely include this yoga in your fitness routine.

Facial Yoga No.-1: Air Movement

  • To do this, sit up straight. 
  • Then fill the air in your mouth. 
  • Place a finger on your mouth and blow the air from right to left.

Facial Yoga No.-2: Line Stretching

  • To do this, stand up straight. 
  • You can also do this yoga sitting. 
  • Then put your right hand on the mouth. 
  • Now stretch the cheeks upwards with the fingers of the left hand. 
  • Repeat this from the other side as well. 
  • Do this many times. 

 Facial Yoga No.-3: Tongue Lifter

  • To do this, put one hand on your mouth.
  • Place the other hand on the side of the right cheek. 
  • Then move up and down with your tongue towards the laugh lines.
  • Repeat this from the other side as well. 
  • Do this several times to reduce wrinkles.

Facial Yoga No.-4: Fish Face

  • To do this, first, smile. 
  • Then make a fish face by sucking the inside of your cheeks between the sides of your teeth. 
  • Do this facial yoga 5 times to strengthen and tone your lips and cheeks.

You too can look 10 years younger by doing these exercises easily at home. 

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