Facebook Update: Facebook will change from December 1, these big changes will happen in your profile...


Social media platform Facebook is going to make many big changes soon, let us tell you that the company is going to remove some things from the profile of its users. Let us tell you that from December 1, Facebook is going to make a big change on its platform, after this change Facebook, what things will not be visible on your profile, let us give you detailed information about this.


These things will not be visible after December 1
For your information of people, let us tell you that after December 1, you will not be able to see things like interests, religious views, addresses and political views on your Facebook profile. Please tell me that all this important information is now visible in your profile section and bio.

These changes in Facebook were first spotted by Matt Navarra (Social Media Consultant). Not only spotted, but he has also shared a picture by tweeting telling everyone about these changes. It has been written in the tweet that from December 1, 2022, Facebook is going to remove things like religious views and interest from the user's profile.

At present, no official information has been given by the company regarding these changes. Recall that earlier Facebook used to have a whole column about people's likes, religious views, interests and political views. Earlier, when people used to create their profile on Facebook, it used to take them hours to fill out the form, but now things are slowly changing.


Meta spokeswoman Emil Vazquez said that to make it easier to navigate Facebook, we are redistributing some profile fields and for this, we have also started sending notifications to people. Remind that Meta company has been dealing with financial losses for some time. Because of this, news had recently come to the fore that the company has shown the way out to 11,000 people.